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Old 12-15-2002, 02:21 PM
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How do I `Trace Route' to the server?

How do I `Trace Route' to the server?
If you experience difficulty accessing your site (or any site) or the servers, the most useful tool to help us track down and resolve any problems is the Trace Route tool, built into Windows. If you prefer, you may run download a utility called 'Visual Trace Route' to do the trace for you from:

or you can Trace Route manually following these steps:

1. Open a MS-DOS prompt.

Windows: Click Start Menu, Programs, MS-DOS Prompt

OR Click Start, Run, type 'command' (without quotes) then hit <ENTER>

2. How to Run tracert.exe

At the MS-DOS prompt type "tracert website address" without quotes (website address = site you are tracing) , then press <ENTER>

For example...

will run a trace between your computer and

If you see (Unable to resolve target system name there is probably a mistake in the address, the DNS hasn't propagated fully, there is a DNS problem, or the domain name just doesn't exist. Try checking and retyping the command again.

Analyzing your trace route:

Lower response times are better. Hops with higher response times could cause your connection to seem slower than usual when accessing that site. If there is a problem reaching the web site you entered the message "Destination Unreachable" will appear. This would occur if the web site is down or exceeds 30 hops.

If you see much larger than normal hop times in any of the first hops that Trace Route shows, that indicates that there may be a network issue with your Internet Service Provider (AT&T, AOL, Earthlink, etc.). If the hops appear normal (less than 80 ms) and you see higher times in the last hops during the trace route, or if it fails to go through fully, there may be a problem with the data center or our servers.

At that point, copy the contents of the trace route window and send it to us. You may copy it by right-clicking the program window at the bottom of your screen (task bar) for the MS-DOS window, and go to Edit -> Select All. Then right-click the window again and select Edit -> Copy. You may then paste that information to us in a an email or support ticket.

3. How to Close the MS-DOS prompt window.

Type exit at the DOS prompt.
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